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Log in and click on coupon. It will save into your account and it will a a code so you can present it to the service provider

Yes you can browse the site and browse all the coupons and deals but you may not be able to present them for discount without a code. You will only get a code on a coupon after signing up and logging in.

All coupons have an expiration date. Some Service Providers will cancel the code on your coupon and you will not be able to use that particular coupon again.

No, it is a free site for consumers and you only need an email to sign up

A coupon is usually advertised as a certain discount with a varying percentage. A deal is usually presented as an item or service with a certain price instead of a discount percentage.

Rate that business on our site and after a few complaints we may remove that Service Provider from our site

Yes you can leave them a message through our site or use their contact information.

No, there are no monetary transactions through We only provide the platform for both parties to make a deal. does not guarantee any transactions. Please use a credit card so you can cancel any transaction

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